HTML is a comprehensive yet fascinating computer language to learn. It is the basis for every web developer to start his training in web development. The thing about coding in HTML is that it has its own set of limitations and commands that must be followed in order to reap optimum results. Especialy when it comes to HTML entities, there are certain characters in HTML that are reserved and require replacement with character entities. Not doing so is considered a big ‘crime’ in the web development circle.

Let me explain this with the help of an example. In HTML, the pointed brackets (<,>) are used to create tags. If you use them for brackets, the browser will misconstrue it for a tag and perform an unwanted function. In most cases, errors will occur as the browser is unable to read the issues in coding. That is why, developers must know of all the mistakes related to HTML entity that maybe made. Below, I will explain 7 common HTM entity errors that you should refrain from making:

  • The ‘&’ Character:

Owning to the IM chat lingos and SMS jargons, web developers try to use shortcuts in their coding as well. In order to write a conjunction such as ‘and’ they would use the ‘&’ symbol. The character, called ampersand, creates issues in HTML validation if used directly. Developers should use its proper coding that is ‘&amp;’ HTML entity.

  • Making your own ellipsis

This is most commonly found on blogs where writers use the ‘three dots’ to designate a pause in their content. The proper word for this is ‘ellipsis’. Instead of using three full stops, you should use the correct entity for it which is ‘&hellip;’. This will avoid any issues in kerning between the dots. Moreover, some browsers will read the dots as more than three which makes it quite awkward.

  • The © Symbol:

Another reserved character in HTML is the Copyright (©) symbol. IT is normally used by designers and developers to protect their design concepts from being copied by others. However, using this character directly can cause issues in displaying. Instead of employing this homogeneous symbol, use the HTML entity ‘&copy;’ for the same.

  • The ™ Symbol:

Building upon the previous point, there is another close character called the trademark symbol (™). Developers should also employ its own HTML entity ‘&trade;’ that displays it in proper manner.

  • The BODMAS Symbols:

The basic arithmetic signs like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division ( + , – , x , ÷) are also incorrectly used in HTML coding. These signs have different functions in the normal keyboard. For instance, the division key is a slash while the multiplication symbol is the asterisk. In HTML coding, the entitles employed for the multiplication and division function are ‘&times;’ and ‘&divide;’.

  • The ° Symbol:

Commonly used to denote temperature, the degree symbol is another character that is used incorrectly in coding. Moreover, while designing maps, the need to define coordinates like longitude/latitude is done with the help of degree sign. The proper way of writing down this in HTML entity is ‘&deg;’

  • The Quotation Marks:

Quotation marks are another common HTML entity mistake that some developers commit. Moreover, they would confuse the single quotes (‘) with the double quotes (“). The correct HTML entity for single quotations is ‘&ldquo;’ while for double quotations the entity used is ‘&lsquo;’

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